We’re here to give your curls what they need. 

Sessions give us the time to focus on your hair’s health and longevity while letting you sit back and relax. Choose your luxurious salon experience and get ready for your best curl, coils, and locs yet.

Find Your Perfect Session. Start Loving Your Hair Again.

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I've been natural since 2009. It's 2021 now and I've been more educated in this one session with Myriam about my hair then any stylist has ever informed me of
before. My hair looks amazing and the experience was lovely! I will be booking my appointment soon as I'm happy to have found my new hair stylist!


“I don’t know what I’m doing!” With me as your trusted source, you’ll be on your way to healthy, beautiful hair in no time with my custom, personalized care plans. Your unique, one-of-a-kind hair can’t be found online or in a YouTube tutorial. Let’s take our time and develop a new hair routine together!

“I don’t have the time!” - You’re busy living your life, spending time with your family, and growing in your career. When you leave my salon, you’ll have an easy, low-maintenance style that leaves time for the important things in your life!

“My hair is boring!” Maybe it’s time for a cut, or maybe you just need a new color to add shine to your hair. No matter what you’re looking for, with my stylish cuts and colors, you’ll get a new look that boosts your confidence and puts your uniqueness on display!




Let's Solve Your Hair Problems

I’m not ready for these grays!” No worries! My gray coverage has got you covered. Step into my salon and get a color treatment that gives your hair youth and keeps it healthy.


“I want to try something different!” Then let’s transform your hair! I want to work magic on your hair and find a style, a cut, or a color that wows you when you look in the mirror. Finding what’s right for you can be overwhelming, but exploring all the options I have to offer you is nothing but fun! Let’s change it up and enhance your already beautiful hair!


Worried about the challenges that come with natural hair?

Sessions Menu

These Sessions are for you if you're ready for a change. You want a new hair color, a new cut, or both? Ready to begin your loc journey? This is the Session for you.

cost: $200+

duration: 3+ Hours

These Sessions are for you if you love your current style, cut, and color. Refresh it with the Maintain Sessions. Need to touchup your roots? Is it time to retwist your locs? Do you want to give your hair a lush treatment, and give yourself a break from wash day? Schedule your "me time" with this session.

cost: $130+

duration: 1-2+ Hours

These Sessions are for you if its time to rejuvenate your curls or locs. Recommended every 3-4 months, the ReNew Sessions will remove hard water minerals and product buildup with a detox, stengthen your hair, boost hydration for dry hair, and trim brittle ends. 

cost: $200+

Duration: 2 - 3+ Hours

This Session is for you if you're ready to discover how beautiful and low maintenance your natural curls or coils can be.  In the Discover Session your hair is detoxed, treated, styled and shaped. You'll receive a personalized styling lesson that you can record, at-home routine recommendations, and a post-care product knowledge lesson. 

cost $236

duration: 2-4 Hours

This isn't your typical hair appointment. Instead of an overwhelming long list of services, I offer solution-based service packages called Sessions
Simply choose the experience that you feel will suit your hair goals the best.

Sessions will include everything your hair needs to achieve your hair goals. Your job is to sit and relax while I determine what your hair needs. Once you experience a session with me, you'll be ready to rule the world.

All sessions include:

  • refreshing hair cleansing
  • hydrating Treatment
  • soothing scalp massage
  • exfoliating scalp scrub